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The Fellowship Village library is staffed and actively managed by resident volunteers. Regular meetings of the Library Committee are held monthly.

At the March 12, 2014 ORANJ Executive Committee meeting in Seabrook Village, Tinton Falls, NJ Ron Whalin, VP of Northeast Region presented the final summary report of the Fellowship Village Survey of New Jersey CCRC Libraries. It was unanimously and enthusiastically approved and is now being distributed to all respondents. Click on these words to read the Survey.

New Purchases

New Purchases Continued

New Purchases Continued

Library Desk

The library has over 2,000 hard-cover books. Books are organized on the shelves by subject and alphabet (author or title).  The library room is open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily.

Soft-cover books are displayed on bookshelves strategically located in the residential courts.

The open door on the right in the photo above leads to the Martha McCaskie Reading Room. See drawing below. The reading room is always open.

Martha McCaskie Reading Room

You can read daily and Sunday The New York Times and The Star-Ledger.

The Library Stacks

Across from the desk are the bookshelves. DVD and VHS videos are in the back. Posted on the front door is a list of recent book purchases.

Library Computer

The library has a modern computer which residents can use after they have received training from the library volunteer staff personnel.

Click here to view a list, sorted by title of books in the library.

Click here to view a list, sorted by author of books in the library.

Click here to read about library procedures.

Bernards Twp. Library Book Drop

Residents can return books to the Bernards Twp. Library using the above return book drop located near Fellowship Hall. Click here to link to the nearby Bernards Township Library website.