The Fellowship Village Kennel Club of Somerset County (FVKCofSC) holds their First Annual Dog Show

Tim Cutting, Resident of Fellowship Village organized this event, which was held on June 24, 2013. Owners, handlers and dogs congregated in the lobby waiting for the event to begin at 2:00 PM. Sally Gernert and Jacqui are in the background.

Resident Dick Buist is joined by his granddaughters Abbey and Morgan with dogs Ondra and Tomba.

Jean Lamp waits with Heidi.

Maya Schenk walks in with Saba

June McDaniel and Reggie walk into the lobby to escape the 90 degree temperature. It was very hot.

Saba and Reggie check each other out.

Water aerobics instructor Carola brings her dog Wilbur. Heidi and Wilbur became good friends.

Some of the dogs tried to gather together for a group photograph.

Honorary Judge Steve Potosky was introduced by Tim. Steve trained Army Canine dogs during the Second World War. Sitting beside him is Betty Frair, who is also a Judge.

Tim discusses the plan with judges Pat Moody and Joe Merten.

Judges (left to right) are Pat Moody, Bob Barnes, Bert Whalin, Jack Bucher and Steve Potosky.

Tim gives introductory remarks to begin the event. He described the early dog shows in America. He then introduced each of the dogs entered in this competitive event. All hope to receive coveted prizes.

Ondra with Abbey

Tomba with Morgan

Jennie with Marjorie Crothers

Duchess with her handler and Tim's daughter Molly Werner.

Jacqui with Sally Gernert

Heidi with Jean Lamp-Click here for Independent Press article.

Reggie with June McDaniel

Molly with Nancy Miller

Alphi with Nancy Purdy

Saba with Maya Schenk

Wilbur with Carola

Baby Quinlin

Tim announced that the judges will convene their closed and secret meeting to select the winners.

The Residents discuss their personal choices, eat free home made cookies and drink bottled water.

Chief Judge Pat Moody delivers the final results to Tim.

Tim announces winners by category. The first winner and most obedient is Tomba.

The second winner and also most obedient is Ondra

Jennie is selected to receive the shyest dog award. Along with the others, she get an attractive yellow plastic pooper scooper.

All dogs are given these decorated pooper scoopers.

Duchess is most physically imposing.

Heidi is the biggest and is recognized for being a therapy dog.

Molly was recognized as runner up for most beautiful.

Alphi is recognized for being the youngest dog.

Saba has the shortest tail and has visited the most countries.

Baby Quinlin is the smallest dog.

At the closing, Tim announced that Wilbur (the Labradoodle owned by Carola) was the fuzziest dog. Also, not photographed receiving awards are Jacqui who received an award for most original name and Reggie, the most beautiful.

Tim went on to announce that all dogs are awarded blue ribbons because each is so wonderful.

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