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Fellowship Village Residents in Fellowship Hall

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Fellowship Village Interest Group Leaders

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Photo credit: Bill Williams

ART STUDIO Elizabeth Ryman Jericho Lib Ryman
RUG HOOKERS Elizabeth Ryman Jericho Lib Ryman  
ARTS AND CRAFTS Ruth Bauer Antioch Ruth Bauer
MAH JONNG AND DOMINOES Carol Auten Emmaus Carol Auten
BOOK DISCUSSION Joan Swain Antioch Joan Swain 
MEMORY BOOKS AND PETS Ann Bryan Ephesus Ann Bryan
1 PM DUPLICATE BRIDGE Doris Molowa Gilead Doris Molowa
MEN'S PRAYER GROUP Guilliard Thompson Emmaus Guill Thompson
SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIES Ron Whalin Beersheba Ron Whalin
FV CHORUS Ruth Penner Gilead
FV CHORUS DIRECTOR Karen Johnson Karen Johnson
FV CHORUS ACCOMPANIST Marilyn Schober Antioch Marilyn Schober
SOCIAL HOUR Joanne E Spohler Shiloh Joanne Spohler
WORKSHOP/GREENHOUSE George Helmke Gilead George Helmke
PHOTOGRAPHY  Jim & Charlene  Wilson  Shiloh