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Photo Gallery


Lunar Eclipse 6:43 am view from Fellowship Village Living Room on 1/31/18

6:44 am

6:45 am


6:48 am


6:49 am

6:50 am

Above photos taken by Ron Whalin using Canon EOS 7D


Hallie and George helped launch the balloon on July 12, 2016.

They soared over the beautiful green farmland of New Jersey.

Bear photographed next to "Bearsheba" Court on May 27, 2016. The Bernards Twp. Police Dept. chased the bear away. To see more photos, click here to go to the Fellowship Village Facebook Page.  Please "Like" the page.

Turtle at the front door to Fellowship Village.  See circular driveway reflected in the sliding door. Photo taken by Ron Whalin about 7:00 pm 5/29/16. We called Betty Frair who advised that this was probably a female looking for a good place to lay her eggs.

2016 Geese by Ann Bryan.

Resident opens the new door with a fob

Resident unlocks new hallway door to his apartment using a fob.

Ellen's Flowers

Ellen Baumann decorates the Fellowship Village hallway renovation construction site with her own beautiful bouquet. Thank you for brightening up our lives.

Goslings out for a walk

Growing goslings out for a walk in Fellowship Village Beersheba parking lot. 


Catfish caught in Shiloh Pond.

Summer flowers

Summer flowers decorating entry. Photo by Ruth Bauer using her iPad Mini. Click here to see larger image.

Skunk at Fellowship Village

Skunk photographed between Emmaus and Beersheba Courts on August 1, 2014.



Photo Show

These photographs were exhibited in the Fellowship Village Bistro. Please click on the above image to view a larger image.


Hallie Stewart guessed the weight of this pumpkin displayed in the front lobby. It weighed 93.2 pounds.

Fall Leaves

"Fall Seems to be upon us" at Fellowship Village by Ann Bryan. Click to view a larger image on your screen.


Photo of Mums taken by Ann Bryan

Skunk at Fellowship Village

Skunk photographed between Emmaus and Beersheba Courts on August 1, 2014.


Gosling time at Fellowship Village May 22, 2014 Photo by Ann Bryan.

Springtime at Fellowship Village

Photo of pond by Ann Bryan. Click here to see larger photo.

Flock of Robins visit Fellowship Village in February

A flock of Robins visited Fellowship Village in February. Photo taken with an iPad through the window next to the mail boxes. Click here to view larger photo.

The North wind doth blow poem

The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?
He'll sit in a barn and keep himself warm
and hide his head under his wing, poor thing.

Thanks for the reminder contributed by Pauline Merrill



November Fall at Fellowship Village

Fall colors at Fellowship Village. View of the Circle in front of the entrance.

Fellowship Village Veterans Display

This beautiful display honoring Fellowship Village Veterans was shown during the Veterans' Day celebration. It was assembled by Betty Frair and located near the Bistro.

Snake and Map of Pine Barrens

Snake serves as pointer for map of the Pine Barrens during 10/10 Fellowship Village trip to learn about Cranberry harvesting and conserving resources.

Pumpkin winners

Hackensack River Tour

Captain Bill Sheehan points out the sites for Fellowship Village residents who enjoyed the recent outing, including lunch at the Legends Diner and a beautiful educational trip though the New Jersey wetlands.

Magnolia Click on the photo of this Fellowship Magnolia to view a PDF file containing a slide show of over 50 trees in the Village. Photos and presentation were contributed by Frank Goodhart.

Pool Construction

Refurbished FV pool

Needlwork of New York CityClick Here to View Needle Work Exhibit

  Happy Fellowship Village travelers pose at the Norman Rockwell Museum on July 26, 2013. Click on the photo to see more photos.

Fellowship Village Exercise Class

Fellowship Village Wednesday Exercise Class July 31, 2013

Mini-Carnival in the Bistro

Mini-Carnival in the Bistro. Photo credit Pat Moody. Click on photo or on this text to see a photo story by Pat, Ann Bryan and Barbara Peek.

Chef's Garden   Chef's Garden near the greenhouse July, 2013. Photo credit Ann Bryan.

Saturday Night Movie Poster


Rainbow over Fellowship VillageRainbow over Fellowship Village June 24, 2013

Pontoon Boat

Over 30 residents and staff of Fellowship Village went on a scenic pontoon  boat tour of the New Jersey Meadowlands area. This trip, originally scheduled for the week of the 17th anniversary of Fellowship Village, was rescheduled to June 5, 2013. Everyone had a lot of fun.

Primary Election

Memorial Day Photo

Cherry Blossoms at Fellowship Village