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Fellowship Village Residents in Fellowship Hall

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Fellowship Senior Living Residents' and Members Council

The Residents' and Members Council is the governing body of Fellowship Village residents in independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing. Members of the Council are elected by residents and serve staggered 3-year terms. Officers are elected annually by the Council for one year terms, which start in September. One of the council members lives in his own home and he is a member of Fellowship Senior Living at Home (SLAH). This growing business unit is a Home and Community Based Service (HCBS).

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Photo credit: Bill Williams and Ann Bryan

Council Officers for 2016-2017

President Jim Wilson 2017-2018 Shiloh
Pres-Elect Ruth Penner 2017-2018 Shiloh
Past President Jack Busher 2017-2018 Jericho Ron Whalin
Secretary Carol Auten Appointed Emaus  
Treasurer Jack Woods Appointed Beersheba
Archivist Yvonne Tsien Appointed  Shiloh Joan Dersh
FV Board Member  George Fricke Ex-Officio  Antioch George Fricke

Council Representatives by Residential Court

Antioch Hallie Stewart 2018 Antioch
Antioch Althea Lowe 2019 Antioch
Beersheba Bert Whalin 2018 Beersheba lBert Whalin
Beersheba Anne Teets 2020 Beersheba
Emmaus Bob Barnes 2019 Emmaus
Emmaus  Betty Frair 2020  Emmaus
Ephesus  June Jennison 2019 Ephesus 
Gilead Dorothy  Bigley 2018 Gilead
Gilead Joanne Spohler 2019 Gilead
Jericho Lib Ryman 2018 Jericho Lib Ryman
Jericho  Nancy Heller 2020  Jericho
Zion Nancy Mallett 2020 Zion
Shiloh-2 Eliot Knight 2018 Shiloh
Shiloh-1  Sandra Stevens 2020 Shiloh
SLAH * Don Speeney 2020 Basking Ridge
At-Large  Joy  Bland 2019  Beersheba 

* SLAH means Senior Living At Home

Listed below are the Fellowship Village Residents' Association Past Presidents and  Vice-Presidents

(Thanks to Yvonne Tsien for researching this list)

Year President Vice-president President-elect
1996-1997 Paul Mallon Orrin Lincoln  
1997-1998 Orrin Lincoln Richard Nesbitt   
1998-1999 Richard Nesbitt Catherine Patterson   
1999-2000 Liz Lane Fred Strohl   
2000-2001 Fred Strohl Louise Zwingle   
2001-2002 Louise Zwingle Marion Bonnell   
2002-2003 Paul Mallon Guill Thompson   
2003-2004 Guill Thompson Brad Murphy   
2004-2005 Clarence Eich Bob Bryan  
2005-2006 Bob Bryan Doug Bird  
2006-2007 Bob Bryan Marion Bonnell   
2007-2008 Ed Babbott Van Boughton   
2008-2009 Van Boughton Corinne Gunther Corinne Gunther
2009-2010 Corinne Gunther  Joan Dersh
2010-2011 Joan Dersh  Tom Andrews
2011-2012 Tom Andrews  Anne Ryan
2012-2013 Anne Ryan Arthur Yu
2013-2014 Arthur Yu   Helen Mallon
2014-2015 Helen Malon Jack Busher
2015-2016  Jack Busher Ron Whalin
2016-2017 Ron Whalin Jim Wilson